Les Baronnies (26)

A beautiful example of a successful site adaptation for which our architects conceived of an elegant neo-Provençal design. 

Observe the harmonious link between the villa and its independent studio.The integration of a hipped gable provides an interesting focal point along the southern facade and allows for the inclusion of a fixed bay window towards the west.  For maximum comfort, this villa is equipped with a central vacuuming system and radiant ceilings.

Villa Speos Les Baronnies Plan construction maison provençale Vaucluse 84
Ground floor
[:fr]Villa Speos Les Baronnies Devis plan constucteur maison individuelle Vaulcuse[:en]Villa Speos Les Baronnies Estimate building plan detached house Vaulcuse[:]

Les Baronnies (26)
157,62 m2

2 Bedrooms
1 Floor

Ground floor
Porch 3,60 sqm
Entrance hall 14,39 sqm
Kitchen 12,96 sqm
Living Room 31,65 sqm
Laundry 4,24 sqm
Pantry 5,48 sqm
Living Room 22,30 sqm
Bedroom 1 12,92 sqm
Dressing room 3,56 sqm
Bathroom 6,31 sqm
Study 9,36 sqm
Passageways 1,33 sqm
WC 1,60 sqm
Garage 20,12 sqm
Terrace 42,73 sqm
Bedroom 2 11,41 sqm
Bedroom 3 11,44 sqm
Passageways 1,94 sqm
Bathroom 4,68 sqm
WC 1,77 sqm
Total Hab. 157,62 sqm

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