June 2019

Building a smart,
energy-efficient house in the Vaucluse 84

Smart homes: notable innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. The Consumer Electronics Show highlighted the technologies that we anticipate using in our homes in the years to come.

Innovations can lead to savings
Among the devices that garnered the most interest at the show were those from Intuitiv with Netatmo.  The French company specializing in smart homes collaborated with Groupe Muller, manufacturer of several brands of electric radiators.  Their goal?  Transform home heating systems into connected equipment! In addition to producing new models that are already connected, the makers have invented a little device that will allow older, existing equipment to operate like the newer models. This includes long-distance temperature controls and enabling users to access their consumption figures.
And since inventions that touch consumers’ wallets are eagerly awaited, another innovation should not be overlooked!  One is known as the Obox, a device to collect used hot water from showers. This system has the potential to “divide your energy bill by 3 relative to your consumption of hot water, no matter the hot water system you use” according to its creators, the start-up EHTech, based in the Haute-Garonne region of France.

Devices for kids’ safety and well-being
There is also the surveillance camera Arlo Baby Smart HD.  This equipment is designed to be installed on a flat surface, wall or even moved around the house with its rechargeable battery.  It offers a movement and noise detector and also contains air, temperature and humidity sensors.  In Las Vegas, a French start-up created a buzz by demonstrating its olfactory alarm clock Sensorwake for kids.  This device emits a light scent to awaken children gently in their bedrooms.

Smart refrigerator
Finally, an appliance we also noted at the CES 2018 was a Samsung refrigerator designed to be a connected living space.  It offers AKG speakers, vocal commands and other features like meal-planning.  “Integrating both Bixby and the SmartThings ecosystem to this refrigerator Family Hub brings a new level of intelligence and connectedness to one of the rooms in which people spend the most time in their house: the kitchen”, said John Herrington, an executive with Samsung.


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