February 2019

About a soil survey.
House construction in the Vaucluse

Due to its optional nature, owners often mistakenly overlook the soil survey. Discover why you should have a soil survey done, offering security that you would be unwise to ignore!

What is a soil survey ?
A soil survey consists of in-depth soil sampling to define its physical, physiognomic and sometimes chemical characteristics.  The work carried out by a surveyor involves the identification of different matter present and the analysis of potential movements of the soil.  Professionals also evaluate the permeability of the soil and existing seismic risks.  The Villa Speos teams are fully qualified to provide this service properly, prior to building your new house in the Vaucluse.

Risks that a soil survey can reveal
Among the issues frequently encountered by owners who never bother with soil surveys prior to building are cracks, problems opening and closing doors and windows and sometimes worse: slab foundation collapses and movement. Clay soils present risks, as do high water tables or the presence of a spring.

The case of a house turned uninhabitable
If you are still on the fence whether to have a soil survey done, the following nightmare involving a couple from Dordogne will surely change your mind!  In spring 2016, the nightly news channel France 2 reported on a story involving Nicole and Gilles Langlois. Unstable ground was the cause of an incident resulting in an uninhabitable bedroom and a house that could collapse at any moment.  Huge cracks developed, allowing both air and insects to pass freely.  At the time the story was broadcast, the couple’s property was pronounced worthless, and the house had to be destroyed.  Other cases, both reported and unreported, commonly plague owners – especially first-time buyers who neglected to conduct a soil survey.  20,000 separate incidents reportedly take place each year in France.



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