October 2019

Intelligent house 4.0 : the first 3D
printed house made in France

Smart home : the new trend

A 95m2 house in the Loire-Atlantique region
Of course you will have heard of smaller everyday objects being shaped from 3D printers, but you may be witness in a few years’ time to an upsurge of houses also built by XXL robots.  The Yhnova project used Batiprint3D technology to build a 95m2 house in Nantes via a robot equipped with an articulated arm guided by laser.  This is no model home, either, but part of a social housing project that welcomed renters in July 2018.  The house includes a living space of 38m2, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two dressing areas. It also features an automated system with sensors to measure temperature, humidity and interior air quality.

A truely innovative contribution to the housing industry
So, this house via a 3D printer: simple marketing ploy or actual innovation?  Its advantages may well interest investors!  Firstly, it reduces construction times considerably.  For example, the shell was completed in only 54 hours.  In addition, this type of building clearly presents an environmental interest. “The elements and materials used travelled less than 100 km to the site,” and it helps to lower energy bills.  Using a robot “can be used on urban work sites” and requires no scaffolding.


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