January 2017

Building a second home
in Vaison la Romaine

In French there are many terms for it: occasional residence, country home or resort unit but most often a second home is called a résidence secondaire. A second home offers many advantages that we explore below. And if you already have one, why not build a second?

What advantages are there to investing in a second home?
First of all, the great advantage to a second home is that you own a pied-à-terre in exceptional surroundings that is ideal for week-end getaways or longer stays during the summer season to recharge your batteries with friends and family.  You don’t need to rent a place and you’ll be completely at home! In the south of France, enjoy maximum sunshine from your terrace or in your garden.  Moreover, a home in this area presents a golden opportunity to build your property portfolio, real estate of course being a safe-haven investment. A second home also represents a potential primary residence when you retire and is an asset that you can leave your children.  Finally, it can be rented as much as you like in the year, offering you travel possibilities without leaving your home unoccupied but also covering overhead costs.

A housebuilder who responds to your needs
Villa Speos works closely with its clients to achieve their building projects in the Vaucluse area.  Are you hoping to purchase land and build the house of your dreams near Avignon? Or maybe you already own property in the Pontet or Vaison-la-Romaine areas and you would like to improve your investment? Let us help you! Our red brick homes offer unrivalled comfort and energy savings.  An example of one of our projects:  complete home design including garden, outdoor kitchen and exposed roofing framework featuring several rooms for use as a bed and breakfast, like the Maison du Lac in Angles (30133).


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