August 2019

Anticipating humanoid robots: building of a new house

Will humanoid robots really be in our homes soon? We are only in the initial phases of robotics, yet we can already discern its potential by observing devices already in service in government administrations and senior facilities.

What can current robots do?
Vocal assistants will probably not be the only technologies to share our living spaces.  We may wait several decades but there is little doubt that humanoid robots will play a significant role in our future daily lives.  An example is the LG Hub Robot, shown at the CES 2017. Deprived of arms and legs, this device provides a control center for connected devices and alone controls the oven, refrigerator, washing machine and vacumn cleaner.  Its primary feature is its capacity to notify occupants of all sorts of information concerning them.  Other domestic robots like Kuri, Omate Yumi or Buddy are also designed to carry out diverse household tasks and to monitor around the house.

A solution for the elderly
While new technologies still seem rare in most homes, they have already begun appearing in senior assisted-living centres and in reception facilities.  In the city hall of Paris’s 15th arrondissement, the little white humanoid Pepper greets the public and performs crowd control according to the mayor.
Many retirement homes have adopted Nao, a robot that runs though the Zora program.  It moves around freely and can even invite pensioners to move their bodies by following one of its choreographed programs.  Robot designers are working on more advanced functions, like in the Romeo, a robot that will eventually be able to help a person get around at home and even call assistance if case of a fall.


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