September 2019

Anticipating humanoid robots: building of a new house

Smart home : the new trend. Smart home 2.0 : homes that integrate new technologies to improve the comfort of their occupants.

What devices make up a smart home?
The whole group of devices that allow long-distance controls of a home make up it smart.  From the garage door to the heating system as well as the lights, alarm and automatic shutters: all of them may be programmed according to user specifications. Smart homes include both solutions that simplify daily life and certain equipment that maximizes energy savings.

Health equipment
Smart homes may feature various sorts of health monitoring systems. While not all equipment of the type is as well known as an Amazon Echo or a Goggle Home, it is still very useful.  We are thinking of a connected device called HugOne Seven Hugs, which can monitor sleep, humidity and temperature alone! Other specific devices are also now on the market: for example, drinking bottles that monitor hydration levels and portable gluten detectors.

Home security
Security is one of the primary preoccupations of the French, so it is no surprise that they are turning more and more towards cameras and connected locks.  French Tech workers have innovated quite a lot in this area.  The Smockeo smoke detector has sold very well and MyTeepi, a connected guardian, watches over isolated properties.  That said, our start-ups will have to work hard to keep up with the mammoth Amazon in the years to come.  A partnership between the American giant and a homebuilder will give consumers the opportunity to try its connected devices – the two have completed several model homes in which buyers can directly test and learn to use them.


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