November 2018

Financial assistance
to build your house in 2018

Come discover 2018 financial assistance with Villaspeos housebuilder in the Vaucluse

Households eligible to save substantial amounts of money can acquire financial assistance in building a new home. Other homebuyers are pleased to finance their home-buying projects through various schemes.

Interest-free loans
Are you interested in building a house with Provencal charm but think you don’t have the means?  The interest-free loan scheme of PTZ may be the answer! It is available to means-tested first-time buyers, supplemented by one or more loans and an eventual down payment of personal funds. The loan may finance up to 40% of the total cost of the operation, including plot and building costs. Although the PTZ has recently been threatened, it has been extended and shall continue to be available for two years in zones B2 and C (Vaison-la-Romaine) and through 2021 in zones A and B1 (Avignon). As an example, in Avignon the means cap of a couple without dependants is set at 42,000 euros. For an estimate of your eligible amount, please see:

The prêt action logement housing loan
This loan is not tied to any means test. Its amount ranges from 7,000-25,000 euros, depending on the location area of the project. A person or household may finance up to 30% of the cost of the operation under this scheme.  The borrower must be an employee in a non-agricultural private company with no less than 10 employees.

Home-savings loans (PEL/CEL)
Individuals having opened a Plan Épargne Logement (PEL) or Compte Épargne Logement (CEL) savings account with a bank may obtain a loan at a regulated interest rate. The amount depends on the term of the loan and the interest earned by the account holder over time, capped at a ceiling amount.

Other financial assistance
In addition, certain local authorities allocate subsidies and other financial assistance to individuals intending to build a new house. The energy efficiency of the building may be an important criteria in qualifying for assistance.  Finally, of note is an exemption from taxe foncière (property tax) during the first two years of a new home.


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