April 2019

Assistance building contract
detached house CCMI Vaucluse

The CCMI contract : key points

The construction contract for a detached home known as CCMI in France is a legal document used when the builder does not own the plot but is in charge of building one or two residences for the same buyer.

CCMI warranties and guarantees
In the scope of an off-plan purchase (known as VEFA in France) the owner is granted a warranty against hidden defects intended to protect that party from patent defects in the house upon delivery.  The delivery guarantee is an undertaking on the part of an insurer or credit establishment toward the builder to support the costs of completing the house if it defaults.  There is a 10-year guarantee and another for full completion that run for 10 years following delivery of the house.  If the works insurance taken out by the buyer covers the built house, it does not insure the liability of the builder.  The 10-year liability policy taken out by the builder and main contractors covers damage to the solidity of the work or that render it unfit for intended use.

Other information included in the contract
In principle, the CCMI indicates compliance of the project with urban planning rules, the precise location of the land as well as its surface area.  The document also indicates the price of construction, means of payment, revision indexes and amount of liquidated damages due in the event of delay in completion.  The start date of the works and performance dates are included.  Amongst other information making up the CCMI, there are the well-known conditions precedent, for example obtaining planning permission or a mortgage.  The Villa Speos teams take part in regular trainings to keep up-to-date on all legal and regulatory changes to the contents of this important document.




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