December 2018

Advice BA18
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Villa speos, detached housebuilder in the Vaucluse (Grand Avignon and Vaison la Romaine) areas, compares plasterboards BA13 mm and BA 18 mm in the construction of a new house.

BA13 mm versus BA18 mm
Our teams strive to use environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient materials in building detached houses in the Grand Avignon area.  Among these materials is the BA18 plasterboard, more advantageous than the standard BA13.

Standard plasterboard
Plasterboard is a construction material made of plaster and cardboard that is frequently used in building partition walls, walls, ceilings and service ducts. It can also be used in works involving doublings fixed on metal studs and interior trims.  There are several kinds of plasterboard, and contractors may choose from tapered, rounded, or tapered and rounded edges.
Many building professionals use BA13.  It is commonly put to use in creating interior partition walls.  One advantage is that this materiel does not create high overloads, in addition to offering excellent value for money.  On the other hand, absent additional insulation the BA13 acoustic and thermal performance is just average.

Advantages to BA18 plasterboard
It is essentially for these reasons that our builders use BA18 for its high performance, corresponding to the quality we offer in our Villa Speos individual houses.  BA18 has good thermal resistance and is highly impermeable.  Moreover, given its extra thickness over the BA13, it offers very efficient acoustic insulation, a gain of 50%. It also allows for risk-free suspension of cabinets that are relatively heavy, for example in the kitchen.  By taking advantage of this better quality plasterboard, builders can overcome the limitations of other building materials.  We refer to, for example, over-priced cellulose fibre and gypsum board or the poor acoustic performance of waterproof cement board.


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