May 2017

Red brick v. breeze blocks
as a building material

The question of building materials is an entirely logical one, whether your project involves a new house as your primary residence or a second home investment to be let several months a year.

Breeze blocks: advantages and limitations
Firstly, breezeblocks are very sturdy given their concrete composition. They are laid using sand and cement mortar. Their second advantage, which merits special mention given the wooded regions of the Midi de la France, is their fire-resistance. Moreover, building with breezeblocks is uncomplicated and most bricklayers work with them regularly. Finally, the advantage most appreciated by many is that they provide an inexpensive option, cheaper than brick. That said, builders often opt for other solutions given the considerable limits to breeze blocks: they are not good insulators and do not adapt to many design variations in terms of building shapes.

Red bricks: advantages and limitations
The greatest competitor to breezeblocks in southeast France is red brick. They are made of baked red and green clay mixed with a bit of sand. Its primary advantage is aesthetic as it gives real character to the house! Brick is also environmentally-friendly, its manufacture produces less pollution than that of breezeblocks and does not require using any coating across the facade. Housebuilders appreciate how resistant it is to water but also for its strong thermal inertia and capacity to regulate humidity levels. Different sorts of bricks exist: facing bricks are used for decorative purposes, solid bricks for exterior and load-bearing walls. Partition bricks are also used to build interior shear-walls.


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