Haut d’Avignon (30)

This custom-designed home features multiple ceiling heights,

outsized joinery, arrow splits, folding partitions and an entry nestled between the two wings. Both terraces can be seen from the kitchen; the northern terrace is particularly appreciated in the heat of the summer! The staircase in brushed concrete lends an important decorative touch. This villa features under-floor heating/cooling.

[:fr]Villa Speos Haut d'Avignon Constructeur et architecte maison individuelle Vaucluse[:en]Villa Speos Haut d'Avignon Detached housebuilder and architect Vaucluse[:]
Ground floor
[:fr]Villa Speos Haut d'Avignon Projet architecte construction maisons individulles Villeneuve les Avignon Vaucluse[:en]Villa Speos Haut d'Avignon Architectural project detached housebuilding  Villeneuve les Avignon Vaucluse[:]
First floor

Haut d’Avignon (30)

4 bedrooms
1 floor

Ground floor
Entrance hall12,90 sqm
Kitchen24,57 sqm
Living Room36,87 sqm
Pantry8,33 sqm
Study13,18 sqm
Bedroom 114,27 sqm
Bathroom4,14 sqm
Dressing room6,98 sqm
WC1,82 sqm
Terrace 134,25 sqm
Terrace 213,60 sqm
First Floor
Bedroom 214,28 sqm
Bedroom 313,82 sqm
Bedroom 415,75 sqm
Bathroom / Bedroom 45,24 sqm
Bathroom6,61 sqm
Landing13,28 sqm
WC2,31 sqm
Total Hab.194,35 sqm

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