June 2016

Obtaining your
building permit

Your construction project in Pontet or the surrounding areas of the Vaucluse naturally depends on your obtaining a building permit. Such an adminsitrative step is indispensable to legally build your new house with Villa Speos.

We will manage the creation of your request and respond to all inquiries concerning this official document.

Please note that the length of time needed to obtain a building permit is several weeks after the file is initially presented to the local authorities (Mairie).

You must provide all supporting documents requested of you.

Moreover, the architectural plans that you submit must comply with the urban planning rules and regulations that apply to your land and be presented in the required format.

The request for a building permit must be filed in a minimum of four copies with the local authorities (Mairie) of the commune where your land is located.

The urban planning department may issue your permit subject to certain conditions.

For further information on the personal building permit service we offer, contact Villaspeos housebuilder since 1996 in the Vaucluse (84) and neighboring areas.


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